undergraduate thesis
Razvoj i komercijalizacija novog eko proizvoda

Ana Pavičić (2016)
University of Split
Faculty of economics Split
TitleRazvoj i komercijalizacija novog eko proizvoda : završni rad
AuthorAna Pavičić
Mentor(s)Neven Šerić (thesis advisor)
KeywordsWinary ecological wine selective turism
GranterUniversity of Split
Faculty of economics Split
Scientific field, discipline, subdisciplineSOCIAL SCIENCES
Study programme typeuniversity
Study levelundergraduate
Study programmeBusiness Studies
Academic title abbreviationuniv. bacc.oec.
Genreundergraduate thesis
Language Croatian
Defense date2016-03
Parallel abstract (English)
Bastijana is a company that owes private brand named ''Vina Tomić''. Main activity of this company is making and selling high quality wines. Due to the fact that company wants to improve their supply, Bastijana made a short SWOT research, and competitor companies of which the most significant is named ''Zlatan Otok''. Because of these research results they decided to invent not only in new eko sort of wine, but to invent in whole new way of doing bussines, by implementing selective destination tourism. The main idea is to offer in the market a new bottle of ecologicaly produced wine. This type of wine has its own rules and regulations. Each irregularity and deviations of rules are detected and sanctioned by IFOAM (International Foundation for Organic Agriculture) and European Union legislation in organic agriculture. The another idea is to use the benefits of nature and implement ecological turism through opening a small farm with restoraunt where visitors can learn things about history of life on the island Hvar. Making and selling wine is not enough for this company to survive although they offer high quality wine, situated in beautiful wine cellar. ''Zlatan Otok'' allready made these ventures. Antoher small winarie on the island Hvar haven't still, and that might be a reason why ''Zlatan Otok'' is more familiar to most people. These changes are including a large sum of money, and also carry a huge risk of failure. In the end, ideas are produced to ''Bastijana'' and now it's their turn to decide whether they are going to use them or to continue their old way of doing bussines. 50 ''The biggest risk is not taking any risk. In a world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.''- Mark Zuckerberg
Parallel keywords (Croatian)Vinarija ekološko vino selektivni turizam
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CommitterIvana Gizdić